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walkLAUD | Principal

Devin Cejas (Miami, 1974) is a Miami based Landscape / Urban Designer. He received a Master of Landscape Architecture from Florida International University in 2011 and is currently principal at Walk Landscape + Urban Design. During his time studying at FIU, Devin was a participant in various commendable initiatives. In 2009 he was the lead Landscape Architect responsible for FIU’s winning entry design to participate in the 2011 Solar Decathlon. In 2010 his CMEX Quarry project was selected to represent FIU at the 6th annual Barcelona European Biennale –international exhibition and later in 2011 this project was published by Routledge in Representing Landscapes: A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings. In 2012, Devin received three awards of Merit for each of his entries in that years Florida ASLA annual competition; CMEX Quarry Project, Peeping Streets (Capstone project – Panama City, Panama), and Parque Sagrada Familia (Urban Park – Barcelona, Spain).

Devin couples his time between specializing in landscape design and continual advocacy efforts with public initiatives for social betterment through landscape infrastructure and urban planning. He is co-coordinator of the Architecture for Humanity Miami chapter, where he lead the design for community reintegration through public spaces and street infrastructure along Broadway Avenue in Liberty City, Florida and currently acts as liaison between headquarters AFH in San Francisco on various projects. He’s also co-coordinator for the Brickell Greenspace initiative where his efforts in design and planning are attempting to save one the last parcels of open space for park space in Brickell, Miami. Devin’s continual efforts of advocating for the profession of Landscape Architecture and his beloved City has also lead him to become a board member / Chairman for the City of Miami’s Parks and Recreation and Public Spaces Advisory Board.

Currently specializing in residential and commercial landscape design, Devin has also worked on regional scale environmental projects. Most notable is a decommissioned military base encompassing 11 square miles. This land was annexed from existing communities during the 1940’s for the production of heavy water for the Manhattan Project. Since that time the land had been used to develop many types of explosives and weapons ranging from gunpowder, TNT, dynamite to all the nerve gas ever produced by the United States. Walk was responsible for the Master Plan and schematic proposals to demonstrate how this land could integrate itself back into the surrounding communities and context it fenced out for over 60 years. In additional to his professional work, he has been an Adjunct Professor with Florida International University and has sat as Juror at FIU for selected Landscape Architecture studios as well as being invited to critique projects at Miami Dade College and the University of Miami.

With a steadfast commitment to this profession, Devin aims to contribute to the processes of social betterment through design. Urban fragmentation, degenerative landscapes, and ecological awareness are all but a few issues currently propelling his passion for landscape + urban design.

Honors + Awards + Publication

2012 | Participant Barcelona European Landscape Biennial - Peeping Streets

2012 | FLASLA Award of Merit // Urban Streetscape + public space project - Peeping Streets - Panama City, Panama

2012 | FLASLA Award of Merit // Urban Park - Parque Sagrada Familia - Barcelona Spain

2012 | FLASLA Award of Merit // CEMEX Quarry reclamation project - Serenity in Scale

2011 | Published work by Routledge – CEMEX FEC Quarry project – Serenity in Scale - Representing Landscapes | A Visual Collection of Landscape Architectural Drawings

2010 | Design Finalist for 2011 Solar Decathlon, Washington, D.C. – Lead Landscape Architect

2010 | Participant Barcelona European Landscape Biennial – International Exposition of University Projects in Schools of Architecture + Landscape.- CMEX Quarry

Advocacy + Memberships

2012 – present | City of Miami Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – Chairman

2011 – present | Brickell Greenspace – Landscape/Urban Designer

2011 – present | Architecture for Humanity – co-coordinator

2012 – present | American Society of Landscape Architects| Miami Chapter – Affiliate

2009 – present | American Society of Landscape Architects| ASLA National – Member

Exhibitions | Acknowledgements:

CEMEX FEC Quarry | Serenity in Scale | Environmental Reclamation + Park: Project was featured at the 6th European Biennal of Landscape Architecture exhibition | Barcelona | 2010


CEMEX FEC Quarry | Serenity in Scale | Environmental Reclamation + Park: Work published in REPRESENTING LANDSCAPES | A VISUAL COLLECTION OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE DRAWINGS

Essay + Exactness and Abstraction in Landscape Architectural Reproduction | Roberto Rovira

Publishesd March 7th 2012 by Routledge

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