The aim of this project was to design a park to compliment the iconic presence of the Sagrada Familia (designed by Gaudi) and provide areas for repose to both community and visitors alike. This project takes into account the touristic impression garnished around the park, in the form of tour busses, which currently acts as a buffer between visitors and local commerce. By allowing the park’s topography to submerge the mass volume of tour busses, community commerce and like forms of social engagement can thrive. Additionally, local viewports from adjacent blocks are now amplified.

The park’s program is dissected into three parts; a public plaza, communal lawn and forested corridors. Visitors can now have a proper platform to take in the Passion facades remarkable beauty as the plaza sits at the Sagrada Familia’s plinth height raising them above all forms of traffic. The forested corridors on the west end of the park replace the conventional sidewalk and provide residents with the ability to circumvent the park by directing them through intimate paths aliend to adjacent vantage points. The communal lawn serves as the Hierarchical gesture intended to reciprocate Gaudi’s presence onto the public realm.

AWARD WINNER: 2012 FLASLA Award of Merit
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